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I do not regret anything I've done.

Except for the time I used a toy dinosaur to prop up a window when the sash-weights had fallen. One of my little boys pulled out the dinosaur and his fingers were squished badly. No permanent damage, but for a while his hand looked like a cartoon character that had been run over by a steamroller.

I regret that.

Nothing else.

My life is a huge mess. 26 years of marriage out the window. She left me for... nobody. I threw her out for two cats I don't like very much. Death of a child. Orphaned grandson. Depression. Financial troubles. House at extreme risk. Stupid financially unsustainable career.

And yet, life is glorious. I wouldn't do a thing differently. Except look for something less fun to prop the damned window open with, and maybe end the marriage sooner.

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Free Will (way too deep)

Posted 02:09
Sun 01 August
by exceive

Free Will is not about choosing Good or Evil. It is about co-creating ourselves with God. And evolution is part of the same element of God's will that creation should participate in its own creation. Evolution and free will are two angles from which to look at the same sharing part of God.

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